Controls Group- High stiffness flexural frame, 200 kN cap., SIMPLEX
Flexural Testing Frames
    Model: Controls Group- High stiffness flexural frame, 200 kN cap., SIMPLEX
    Country of Origin: Italy
    Use: testing different kind of specimens (beams, flagstones, slab)

    The Instrument complies with international standards: EN 1339 | EN 1340 | EN 12390-5 | ASTM C78 | ASTM C293 | EN 14488-5 | ASTM C1609 | ASTM C1018
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Controls Group- High stiffness flexural frame, 200 kN cap., SIMPLEX

- High rigidity (200 kN/mm), especially suitable for testing FRC and sprayed concrete
- For testing different kind of specimens (beams, flagstones, slab) having max length 650mm.
- Load measurement by load cell or pressure transducer
- Piston return by counterweights
- Piston travel limit switch included
This high stiffness flexural frame has been especially designed for displacement controlled testing on advanced construction materials, e.g. fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) and sprayed concrete.
These tests are significantly affected by the actual frame stiffness therefore the relevant international Standards state stiffness limits which are exceeded by this new model (better than 200 kN/mm).
This remarkable result comes from the frame sections but it is also derived from the particular layout which keeps the specimen aligned with the frame crossbeams maximizing structural rigidity.
The new layout also allows easier frontal specimen loading and positioning.
The horizontal daylight accommodates large specimens (slab, flagstones), concrete beams and kerbs long up to 650 mm.
Two models are available, either with pressure transducer or with load cell, both fitted with piston travel limit switch and connection kit to separate control console.

Models 50-C1510/FR 50-C1511/FR
Max cap. kN 200 200
Load sensor Pressure Transducer Load cell
Horizontal clearance [mm] 720 720
Max. vertical clearance [mm]* with 50-C1500/1 (4 points) 210 210
with 50-C1500/1 (3 points) 304 304
with 50-C1500/2 225 225
with 50-C1500/2 + 50-C1500/3 290 290
with 50-C1500/2 + 50-C1500/4 165 165
with 50-C1500/7 445 445
Distance between upper rollers (adjustable) mm From 100 to 200, or single roller From 100 to 200, or single roller
Distance between lower rollers (adjustable) mm From 150 to 600 From 150 to 600
Piston travel mm 130 130
Overall dimensions (lxwxh) mm  956 x 496 x 1188 956 x 496 x 1188
Weight approx. kg  235 240

* The vertical daylight can be reduced by using the distance pieces already included useful to reduce the daylight by: 50mm and 100mm. Additional distance pieces are available as Accessories. 
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