Campbell Scientific GRANITE VWIRE 305
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    Model: Campbell Scientific GRANITE VWIRE 305
    Country of Origin: US
    Use: Eight-channel interface for dynamic measurements of standard single-coil circuit vibrating-wire sensors.
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Campbell Scientific GRANITE VWIRE 305

The GRANITE™VWIRE 305 is an eight-channel interface for dynamic measurements of standard single-coil circuit vibrating-wire sensors. With the VWIRE 305 interface, you can operate traditional “static” gages at “dynamic” rates to achieve faster and better measurements without having to purchase or install new sensors.
The interface measures the resonant frequency of the wire between excitations using the patented vibrating-wire spectral-analysis technology (VSPECT®). VSPECT® provides very fine measurement resolution and limits the influence of external noise by discriminating between signal and noise based on frequency content. Because of this technology, the signal can be carried through longer cables in harsher noise environments, giving you flexibility in your sensor and data-acquisition system siting.

Benefits and Features
- Dedicated measurement hardware for simultaneous measurement of each channel
- Interfaces to any standard single-coil vibrating-wire sensor
- Eight simultaneously sampled channels per module; synchronized across multiple modules
- Dynamic measurement rates of 20 to 333 Hz
- Static measurement vibrating-wire and thermistor measurements at 1 Hz
- VSPECT® spectral interpolation algorithms provide superior noise immunity and measurement resolution compared to time-domain period-averaging approach
- Excitation method providing frequent low-energy pulses to maintain a continuous resonant vibration in the sensor
- Onboard post-processing including frequency conversion, temperature conversion, and rainflow histogram calculation
- CPI DAQ connection for channel expansion
- USB 2.0 interface for PC-based operation

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