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CONTROLS Upgrade to Automatic load control in 3 easy steps!
Release time:2021-03-29
CONTROLS Upgrade to Automatic load control in 3 easy steps

Future-proof your Lab


Retrofit your Manually-controlled Machine

Today’s materials testing industry demands
total accuracy and strict conformity to international standards.
CONTROLS new range of stand-alone consoles will convert any frame,
from any brand, into an automatic system that meets the demands of
21st century concrete and cement testing.

SMART-Line Control Consoles

CONTROLS Smart-Line Control Consoles will transform any old testing system into one that is automatic and fitted with the latest technology.
Standard automatic Quality Control machines for compression and flexural testing
VFD inverter technology is now replacing traditional manually-controlled machines for standard tests. Integrate the new SMART-Line Wizard Auto. Console with up to two frames and perform all your compression and flexural testing automatically. 
Versatile automatic compression machines for standard failure tests
PILOT Pro can carry out a high throughput of routine failure tests including compression, flexure and indirect tensile tests. The new console can be fitted with CONTROLS Link-Lab connectivity package allowing your new automatic testing system to take inputs from any number of ancillary measuring systems and devices.
Pro and Pro-M
Smart, automatic and connected for standard and advanced failure tests
The stand-alone AUTOMAX Pro SMART-Line console can perform basic failure tests on concrete and cement. Select the Pro-M model if you need to perform advanced concrete tests such as Modulus of Elasticity (MOE), Poisson’s Ratio and Characterizations of Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) under displacement control.
Video Tutorial- 
Upgrade to Automatic load control
in 3 easy steps! 
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