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HANWELL Museum & Gallery Environmental Monitoring Systems
Release time:2021-04-16
HANWELL Museum & Gallery Environmental Monitoring Systems
The ultimate systems
to assist curators in the ongoing battle for museum conservation and preservation of artefacts using environmental monitoring solutions which are already installed in many museums such as the The Louvre.
Light & UV
For works of art, furniture, photographs, textiles, books on display, in storage & in transit
Hanwell provides a range of instruments specifically designed for museums that enable curators and conservators to measure the levels of LUX and UV content of light to assist in identifying extreme exposure to artefacts on display or in storage.
Temperature &
Relative Humidity
For works of art including materials such as metal, dyes and textiles
The Hanwell data loggers and radio transmitters provide conservators with accurate tools to wirelessly monitor temperature and RH levels together.
This recorded data can be used not only for alarms and historical data analysis but also to control humidifier or dehumidifier units.
Insect Pests
For Furnishings, wooden materials, textiles
To control the common furniture beetle or ‘woodworm’, Hanwell insect pest control system (AnoxiBug) uses a 100% reliable anoxia treatment (low oxygen method) that is cost-effective and can be used by all museum staff.
Hanwell EMS -
Museum Monitoring
in one central location
Real-time data anywhere, any time.
The Hanwell EMS software provides a flexible and cost-effective tool for data analysis and immediate alarm notification 24/7.
Hanwell EMS is compatible with the Mobile app: Hanwell EMS Alarms, to monitor parameters within critical areas every minute.
Existing Customers
- The Louvre
- The British Museum
- The Mary Rose Museum
- Moscow City Museum
- Bushey Museum
- Wardown Park Museum
- Etc
Case Study-
Bushey Museum
Hanwell's centralised temperature & humidity monitoring system chosen by Bushey Museum to help secure Government Indemnity Scheme.
Case Study-
Mary Rose Museum
Hanwell helps the historic warshop's safe passage into the limelight proiding visitors with an insight into 16th century maritime.
Environmental monitoring you can trust - Hanwell
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