Country of Origin: Australia
    Use: digital downhole survey instrument with both single and multi-shot proficiency

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REFLEX EZ-A™ is a digital downhole survey instrument with both single and multi-shot proficiency. With an operating core grade designed specifically to survey in A core grades, the slimline 25mm barrel can be used for various slim hole applications in all-angle surveys. With an inbuilt infrared communication link, the REFLEX EZ-A™ is able to transfer vital downhole data quickly and efficiently via a handheld computer, allowing instant, comprehensive analysis.

Single and Multi-Shot Function
With both single and multi-shot capabilities, the REFLEX EZ-A™ has the capacity to survey from one to five single shots and up to 9,000 multi-shots depending on the desired mode.
The added gravity roll angle and magnetic tool face functions can be used with orientation wedges and directional motors. The data captured by the REFLEX EZ-A™ provides reliable, accurate, all angle surveys within the mining, exploration, and construction industries.

All Angle Surveying
For each shot taken, three magnetic field and three gravity field components are recorded, together with temperature, time and date.
Paired with the hand held device, this allows comprehensive analysis and presentation of survey data on site. Survey data is displayed in tabular form, as well as in 2D and 3D graphical form. The 3D presentation allows the user to get a realistic view of the perspectives and offers interactive actions such as rotation and zoom.

User Friendly
REFLEX EZ-A™ has been designed to be user friendly. The instrument has a built in interface with editable options managed by a single control switch in addition to a handheld device.
An infrared connection eliminates the need for cables. The REFLEX EZ-A™ is a digital device which immediately presents survey data without any unhealthy chemicals, time-consuming film processing, compass roses or complicated calculations.

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