TML Data Logger TS-960
Sensors and Data logger
    Model: TML Data Logger TS-960
    Country of Origin: Japan
    Use: Measurement of various inputs including strain gauges, strain gauge type transducers, thermocouples, Pt-RTDs and dc voltage. ZACCS 9 TS-960 is an all-in-one data logger filled with everything required for measurement.
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This is the top-of-the-line data logger in T-ZACCS series that features high-speed, high-accuracy and high-functionality. Measurement of various inputs including strain gauges, strain gauge type transducers, thermocouples, Pt-RTDs and dc voltage are possible. The T-ZACCS 9 TS-960 is an all-in-one data logger filled with everything required for measurement.

  • Measurement of 1000 points at maximum (additionally 1000 channels of temperature-integrated strain gauge and 1000 channels of extended channel)
  • Highly accurate and stable measurement achieved by our unique next-generation A/D conversion method that enables high-speed measurement with high accuracy and stability
  • High-speed measurement of 0.1 seconds at the fastest
  • Data are securely held by the built-in robust 4GB data memory and UPS circuit
  • Stable interval measurement with clock accuracy of daily rate ±1 second
  • Batch setting of coefficient, unit, decimal point and sensor type by “Sensor ID”
  • High-resolution mode (0.1×10-6 strain) provided
  • Complete compensation method of strain (Comet) provided
  • Various check functions; Automatic checking using timer is also possible
  • Stress-free operation with reduced waiting time
  • 9-inch IPS LCD widescreen display with wide viewing angle
  • Display language switchable between English and Japanese
  • Versatile monitoring function to display various values and charts using five setting tables and four frames
  • Display using an external monitor (recommended by TML) through the installed DVI output
  • Easy-to-operate and simple-to-understand screen configuration
  • Stress-free operation with quick responsiveness
  • Automatic measurement (interval measurement, comparator measurement, alarm, sequence measurement, sampling measurement)
  • Extended channel function for operation between channels and operation with function including rosette analysis
  • Functions of MAX (maximum value), MIN (minimum value) and IF (branching) are added
  • LAN, USB and RS-232C interfaces provided

Type TS-960
Number of measuring point Using Measurement box 1000 points at maximum
(2000 points at maximum when temperature-integrated strain gauges are used)
Using both Measurement box and Built-in measurement unit
Using Built-in measurement unit 10 points  (up to 20 points when temperature-integrated strain gauges are used)
Measuring speed High-speed mode  0.1 seconds
High-accuracy mode 0.4 seconds(50Hz) / 0.34 seconds(60Hz)
Measurement mode Initial, Direct, Measure
(only Direct for temperature measurement)
Simple measure Coefficient: 1.00, Unit: Depends on sensor mode, Decimal point: Depends on sensor mode
Compensation mode Comet NON / Comet A / Comet B
Monitor Number of setting table 5
Number of display frame 0 ~ 4 
Display mode Value, MAX▪MIN
Chart (Y-T), Chart (X-Y), Chart (BAR)
Display channel Value display, MAX▪MIN display, Chart display (Y-T), Chart display (X-Y), Chart display (BAR)
Measurement Manual measurement Start key (START button on touch screen)
Automatic measurement Interval measurement, Comparator measurement, Alarm measurement,
Sampling measurement, Sequence measurement
Interface LAN, USB, RS-232C
Sensor mode Strain Quarter bridge 3-wire 120 / 240 / 350 Ω
Half bridge, Half bridge common dummy, Full bridge, Full bridge high resolution mode, Full bridge constant current 350Ω, Full bridge constant current 350Ω high resolution mode, Full bridge 0-2V mode       
Temperature-integrated strain gauge 120 / 240 / 350 Ω
Temperature Thermocouple T/ K/ J/ B/ S/ R/ E/ N
Pt-RTD  Pt100 3W
Voltage 640mV, 64V
Extended channel setting Function Operation with function and operation between channels
Number of channel 100 channels
Usable variable Channel, Extended channel, Constant
Operation Four arithmetic operations, General functions, Trigonometric functions, Functions for rosette analysis, Functions for multi-layer inclinometer,
Logical functions, Other function
Recording Internal memory (4 Gbyte), SD card (specified by TML)
Interface LAN, USB, RS-232C
External dimensions 328 (W) × 148 (H) × 200 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 5 kg
Power supply AC 100 ~ 240 V   50/60 Hz  70 VA Max.
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