Application of inverse DELTA reflection coefficient measuring device in the airport
Release time:2018-06-20

For road traffic safety, the current measurement of inverse reflection coefficient is a primary concern. Sign and marking for guarantee driving safety and reduce traffic accidents is very important. Especially for the night sight by vehicles and street limits, signs and markings high reflective properties has become an important guarantee for safe driving.

DELTA inverse reflection coefficient measuring instrument

DELTA since the end of 70s to carry out the inverse reflection coefficient measurement business, and participate in the European and American road sign written marking inverse reflection coefficient standard.

DELTA provides roads and airports with inverse reflection coefficient measuring instrument, there are two series of handheld and mobile devices.

1, handheld devices

Handheld devices and marking in smaller airports measuring a limited number of signs, point measurement mode, simple device menu, after a simple training can be measured using. LTL-X Mark2, LTL-XL RetroSign and GRX are handheld devices.

2, LTL-X Mark 2 and LTL-XL

LTL-X Mark 2 and LTL-XL can reverse the reflection coefficient measurement for road marking. Based on the built model, the instrument can measure the visibility of the white and yellow markings in daytime and night environment. Two types of equipment can measure the plane and three-dimensional marking. Marking measurement in dry and wet and rainy environment can be completed.


3, RetroSign GRX

The RetroSign device is used to measure the nighttime traffic signs can be used to measure the visibility, traffic signs, warning reflective vests, license plate, reflective tape inverse reflection coefficient. If you use the road asset management system is a bar code or two-dimensional code, then RetroSign can identify these encoding and correlation measurement.


4, mobile equipment

The mobile equipment measuring a large number of large airports used in marking. DELTA LTL-M mobile inverse reflection coefficient can measure road marking in normal driving speed.


LTL-M can measure the nighttime visibility during the day, contrast and marking width, capable of measuring all white and yellow markings in the dry environment of nighttime visibility. LTL-M use the latest technology of real-time image processing to ensure traffic regulation accuracy of measurement data.

DELTA Retroreflectometer features

1, data display

The measurement data are given in the form of data files, in the Google Earth software on the street or sign will be measured with a ID as a simple identification. Measured by road is fixed at the upper end of the camera, review the testing process of LTL-M.


2, range and accuracy

DETLA inverse reflection coefficient measuring instrument with the European standard and specification American Standard road signs and markings. The correct calibration equipment, reproducibility + 5%, + 3% repeatability.

3, calibration standard

DELTA is the calibration laboratory accreditation, delivered by the calibration module in equipment calibration in origin international research institute. DELTA recommends users of equipment, calibration, to ensure the accuracy of the test data.

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