ARAN Automatic Road Analyzer
Multi Function Road Analyzer
    Country of Origin:Canada
    Use:Comprehensive road condition analysis,Road roughness and rutting survey,Road geometrics profile,A desktop view of your road network,Create an inventory of roadside features for your entire network, Construct or update existing maps for Geographic Information System (GIS) applications,etc.
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The Evolution of Data Collection 
Fugro Roadware has re-introduced the ARAN and has unveiled the ARAN 9000! The ARAN has been retooled to meet the rigorous data collection requirements of the road infrastructure data collection community. The ARANs’ robust platform has been expanded to deliver:

● 50% reduction in computing hardware over the previous platform with the same functionality 
● Database driven systems 
● Robust, fault tolerant systems 
● Plug and play system integration 
● platform 
● Real-time sub-cm data synchronization 
● Advanced mission management software 
● Increased portability of subsystem components 
● Global solution with interfaces in several languages 
● User friendly operating system to minimize training costs and operator error 
● Industry-defining warranty 
● Dynamic architecture supporting future upgrades   
● Mission Management Software

On-vehicle and office software for data collection, calibration, and simulation.

Multi-Language Interface

Interfaces are available in several language scripts.

The ARAN 9000 can be outfitted with as few or as many of the standard ARAN subsystems as required. It can be used as a profiler, videologger, mobile mapper, or full-scale data collection system. Production-ready ARAN 9000’s are ready to be configured and delivered, and, as with the previous ARAN platform, the ARAN 9000 is fully modular to allow for customer-specific configuration and the ability to upgrade with additional subsystems as required.


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