Laboratory Core Drill Stand - CRT-LABDRIL-E/H
Drilling Trailers
    Country of Origin:UK
    Use: Medium duty coring in both asphalt concrete and rock samples Ideal for drilling test cores in a laboratory environment from small samples.
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Electrical Laboratory Core Drilling Stand CRT-LABRIL-E and Hydraulic laboratory Core Drilling Stand CRT-LABDRIL-H

To carry out any form of testing requires straight & clean sided core samples.

Vibration of a diamond core drill during the coring process will result in a badly finished core that will need to be ‘dressed’ before any meaningful testing can be carried out. In addition vibration of a core drill will also quickly damage the diamond cutting face by erosion of the inpidual diamonds resulting in rapid wear rates. Coring should always be carried out using a rigid, stable & vibration free operating platforms to ensure the integrity of core samples. 

The drill stand is a steel framed unit manufactured in mild steel with a high quality powder coated and oven baked paint finish giving a quality appearance and long lasting protection. Its rigid drill platform can be permanently fastened to the floor and is therefore ideally suited for use in a test environment. It can drill cores from a sample of asphalt or concrete material held by a clamp mechanism situated within the water tank. The drill stand is complete with a water swivel that allows connection to a water supply thus providing a coolant to the drill bit face.

Manually operating the drill feed into the surface with a constant applied load achieves optimum feed rate and maximum drill life. During the coring process water is pumped through the core bit to provide cooling at the drill face and to flush away any loose material.  The rubber lined water tank allows for collection and drainage of the cooling water.

Hydraulic operation allows the drill motor to rotate at the optimum speed for the particular surface material.  Manually operating the drill feed into the surface with a constant applied load achieves optimum feed rate and maximum drill life.

The unit can be supplied with a hydraulic drill motor CRT-LABDRIL-H or an electric drill motor CRT-LABDRIL-E to suit. The manually operated drill feed control provides for a rapid but safe drill penetration with minimum core bit wear rate.

Key Features
● Petrol engine 5.2KW hydraulic version, 2KW Electrical version
● Drill diameters up to 110mm
● Drill depths up to 450mm
● Wide variety of hydraulic or electrical drill motor options
● Electrically pumped water feed is available when using a hydraulic motor
● All units supplied with water swivel
● Platform allows for rigid floor mounting


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