CONVEX EALEY Tape extensometer
    Country of Origin:Canada
    Use:The CONVEX EALEY tape extensometer is used to measure quickly and accurately changes in distance between two reference points.
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The CONVEX EALEY tape extensometer is used to measure quickly and accurately changes in distance between two reference points. It is primarily used to monitor convergence in underground excavations such as tunnels. It can also be used to monitor deformations in structures or surface movements.


- Easy to read
- Interchangeble tapes or tape extensometers
- Digital display
- Lightweight and rugged design


The CONVEX EALEY tape extensometer is comprised of a head, a measuring tape, and two references points.

The extensometer head
Houses an electronic tensioning device ensuring constant and repetitive tension of the tape, and a digital gauge. A fi tting with a pin to attach the tape is located at the front end of the head. Changes in distance between the two anchor points are read by means of the steel tape and the digital gauge.

The tape
The stainless steel perforated measuring tape is held inside the extensometer head and is mounted on a reel attached to one end of the extensometer head.

The reference points
The standard reference point consists of a stainless steel eyebolt attached to an anchor. The anchors, chosen to suit the application, are either groutable steel rebar for installation in shallow drill holes, or expanding rock bolts. The eyebolts can also be directly bolted or welded to structural steel beams.

To take a reading, the hook on the end of the tape is clipped onto one eyebolt previously anchored to the structure to be monitored. Moving towards opposite anchor, the tape unwinds until it is possible to fi x the hook mounted on the end of the extensometer head to the second eyebolt. The slack in the tape is taken out and the pin fi tting on the head is inserted in one of the holes of the tape. The tape-tensioning handle on the side of the extensometer head is then turned until proper tension in the tape is reached, as indicated by the green light located on the frame. The user can now proceed to a reading.


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