JM Series Vibrating wire jointmeter
Wire Jointmeter
    Model:JM-S, JM-E
    Country of Origin:Canada
    Use:The JM is a jointmeter used for monitoring displacement between concrete lifts in concrete dams.
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The JM series of jointmeters (also crackmeters or fissurometers) are used to measure displacement at joints and cracks in structures and rock masses. Typical applications include:
- Monitoring displacement between concrete lifts in concrete dams
- Measuring fault movements in rock
- Determining crack and joint movement in concrete and masonry structures
- Monitoring separation of shotcrete from the rock face of tunnel walls
- Measuring construction joint movement at the contact with rock foundation

- High accuracy and resolution
- Long-term stability and reliability
- Stainless steel transducer
- Removable and reusable jointmeter
- Easy installation and reading
- Rugged design
- Accommodates shear displacements
- Frequency signal easy to process and transmit over long distances

The JM series of jointmeters consist of a vibrating wire displacement transducer inside a telescoping stainless steel housing. Jointmeters are mounted onto or embedded in a structure, such that its active gauge length spans the crack or joint to be monitored.
The JM-S surface jointmeter is attached to the surface of the structure using groutable or bolt-on anchors. It is attached to the anchors with ball joints at the ends of the sensor, which compensate for any anchor misalignment.
The JM-E embedment jointmeter is embedded in concrete structures such that its active gauge length spans the construction joint to be monitored.
The JM-F foundation deformeter is installed in boreholes beneath foundations. The foundation deformeter has extension tubes threaded on its end and is grouted into the borehole below the foundation to be monitored.


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