REPP-R Potentiometer jointmeter
Wire Jointmeter
    Country of Origin:Canada
    Use:The REPP-R is a potentiometer jointmeter transducer for remote monitoring of traction or compression movement such as discontinuities of rock mass or blocks, construction joints in concrete, and expansion joints of steel structures.
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The REPP-R is a displacement sensor incorporating a linear potentiometric transducer. The REPP-R is used for the remote monitoring of the following:
-The opening and closing of cracks or construction joints in concrete, masonry or other    structures
- The changes in width of discontinuities in rock masses
- The opening and closing of expansion joints in steel structures
- The stability of joints or overhanging rock
- Tension cracks or movement of critical rock blocks in incipient slide areas
- Convergence in mining and civil engineering works
- Surface or underground heave

The REPP-R displacement sensor consists of a linear con-
ductive plastic resistance element mounted inside a sealed stainless steel housing fitted with a telescoping plunger. The plunger is free to telescope in or out of the housing as the distance varies between the measurement points. The sensor outputs a signal proportional to the plunger travel. An electrical cable is used to transmit
the output to the readout station.
The REPP-R is anchored astride the discontinuity being monitored. The outer extremities of the housing and the plunger are equipped with ball-joint linkages that mate with the mounting bolts or anchors. The ball joints compensate for any mount or transducer misalignment. The REPP-R is supplied with an installation template.

- Reliable conductive plastic linear potentiometer
- Rugged stainless steel housing
- Simple sensor design with no electronic parts
- Readily connects to data acquisition systems


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