PF Series Portable jointmeter
Wire Jointmeter
    Country of Origin:Canada
    Use:The PF is a portable jointmeter. It is a practical and affordable instrument used to measure relative displacement of cracks or joints over time.
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The PF series portable jointmeter (also crackmeter or fissurometer) is used to measure relative displacement between a pair of reference studs. Typical applications include:
- Monitoring superficial movements across cracks in rock or concrete
- Measuring movement of construction joints in concrete
- Monitoring deformation cracks in brick, masonry, concrete or wooden structures

The PF series portable jointmeters are instruments that measure the distance between pairs of reference balls anchored to the structure. Reference balls are installed using a template to ensure accurate location. Movement of the crack or joint is determined by comparing the variation in distance between the reference balls over time.

The PF8 jointmeter consists of a spring-loaded dial indicator that is set between 8 mm stainless steel reference balls. Extension rods are available to extend the gauge length of the jointmeter. 

The PF25 consists of a steel tube with a fixed conical seat at one end and a spring-loaded
conical seat, attached to a dial indicator, at the other end. To take measurements,
the PF25 is located over two 25 mm stainless steel reference balls anchored to the structure.

- High accuracy and resolution
- Simple to install and monitor
- Low cost
- Retrievable for reuse


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