Seismic Cone Penetration Testing
Static CPT probe
    Model:Seismic Cone Penetration Testing
    Country of Origin:Netherlands
    Use:A very valuable geotechnical tool in facilitating the determination of low strain in-situ compression (P) and shear (S) wave velocities.
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An important factor in SCPT is to generate clean, strong and reproducible source wavelets. The particle motion of the P‐wave is in the direction of the ray path while the particle motion of the S‐wave is perpendicular to the ray path. The S‐wave can be polarised both parallel (SH) and perpendicular (SV) to the ground surface. When a P or SV wave strikes a boundary both SV and Pwaves are generated. A SH wave will only generate SH‐waves at boundaries and therefore simplifies shear wave seismic analysis.

  Another important use of estimated shear wave velocities in geotechnical design is in the liquefaction assessment of soils. Since the shear wave velocity is influenced by many of the variables that influence liquefaction (ge., void ratio, soil density, confining stress, stress history, and geologic age), it is an excellent index of liquefaction.

  •  (Pile) foundation design
  •  Stability issues
  •  Compaction control (land reclamations)
  •  Embankment and dike profiling
  •  Environmental issues
  •  Seismic survey (liquefaction analysis)
  •  Pipe line/ cable routing
  •  Windmill foundations


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