CPT Tubes, Casing, Rods & Adapters
Static CPT System and accessories
    Model: CPT Tubes, Casing, Rods & Adapters
    Country of Origin:Netherlands
    Use: In order to achieve the best possible performance of CPT soundings Geomil Equipment manufacturers and supplies a large variety of high quality sounding tubes, inner rods, friction reducers and adapters. By applying original equipment manufactured by Geomil the risk of loosing valuable equipment is strongly reduced.
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The Geomil sounding tubes have a standardised OD of 36 mm with an ID of 16 mm, the casing protection tubes come with OD 55 mm and ID 38 mm.

On request, Geomil is also able to supply OD 44 mm sounding tubes as well as tubes with various lengths and diameters made of special material like stainless steel or non-magnetic steel alloys.

The steel grade is carefully chosen to provide clients with the highest possible quality and tightest possible tolerances. Every single tube is gauged five times during production. This guarantees a constant quality and conformity with the most stringent standards regarding dimensions, straightness and thread tolerances (e.g. the EN-ISO 22476-1).
The tubes can be supplied with standard or heavy tapered threads (7 turns to lock or open) or the dual rope Speedlock thread (see picture).

In August 2000 Geomil Equipment successfully introduced the new Speedlock thread for sounding tubes. Only 2? turns are required to screw or unscrew the tubes. Furthermore the thread is by its design far less susceptible to dirt.

During recent testing it has been determined, that the Speedlock thread is approx. 20% stronger than conventional screw threads. It speaks for itself, that this reduces the chance of failure at heavy loads significantly.

For all thread types as well as for inner rods (mechanical CPT) and casing tubes, Geomil provides full range of accessories like friction reducers and cross-over adapters.


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