Clamps for Push, Pull and Catching
Static CPT System and accessories
    Model:Clamps for Push, Pull and Catching
    Country of Origin:Netherlands
    Use:Geomil Equipment manufactures a wide range of clamps, used for pushing and/or pulling or to secure the remaining rod string during the pulling process.
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Push-/Pull clamp 3655
This device allows automatic pushing and pulling of both CPT (36 mm) and casing tubes (55 mm). The clamp is equipped with specially tempered clamping blocks, ensuring non-slipping operation and a long lifetime.
Switching from CPT to casing tubes or vice versa takes only seconds, making the clamp very suitable for operations where flexibility is required (i.e. soft top layers, nearshore operation etc.).
In addition, the clamp is provided with a proximity switch, which is used to trigger the depth registration of the data acquistion system.
For users of 44 mm tubes, a special version of the inner parts is available.

Pulling clamp type 36 “T-Rex”
The T-Rex pulling clamp is the result of the joint effort of the Geomil engineers and our clients, requiring an efficient clamping sys-tem for cordless and mechanical CPT.
Starting point was to ensure sufficient pulling force, without jamming or damaging the rods, in combination with high productivity.
The new design has it all!
Pulling forces up to 260kN can be applied, and still maximum pulling speeds can be accomplished. As with the 3655 clamp, tempered blocks guarantee non-slipping and extremely long lifetime.

Foot actuated catching clamp
Simple and versatile add-on tool for catching a 36 mm sounding tube string while undoing the threads.
Useful for all soundings in soft and very soft soils or over water deployment, when the tube string tends to slide down due to its own gravitational force while not secured by a push-/pull device.
The easy to use catching clamp, tightened by just one foot step, is suitable for all stand alone penetrometer pushers coming without integrated catching clamp.


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