GDS Hall Effect Local Strain Transducers
Advance Sensor
    Country of Origin:UK
    Use:On Sample Hall Effect Transducers (HE) are very light and easy to handle, therefore can be mounted to the sample for small strain measurement with minimal disturbance to the sample. Small strain stiffness values are becoming more commonly required by consultants due to the parameters required for FE models. It has been recognised for many years that small strain measurement is more representative to the operational strain, and that the small strain stiffness curve is required for any advanced modelling of the soil.
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Features & Benefits:
  • Axial and radial deformation measured directly on the triaxial test specimen.
  • Light and compact assembly.
  • The Hall Effect semiconductor chip  is very light, small and is compensated against changes in ambient temperature and changes in DC voltage supply.
  • High output, high resolution.
  • Designed for use with the GDS data acquisition system.

  • Technical Specification:
Data Aquisition 16 Bit
Resolution of Volume Measurement +/- 3.0mm = <0.1μm
Volume Accuracy +/-0.2% FRO over 4mm range, +/-0.3% FRO over 5mm range and +/- 0.4% FRO over 6mm range,
Weight Approx (kg) : Radial Caliper Weight, 38mm caliper = 24g, 70mm caliper = 46g, : Axial Apparatus Weight (1 off) = 16g, : Transducer Weight (1 off encapsulated Hall Effect Chip) = 5g


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