Triaxial Testing System (Automated Stress)
Static Tri-axial Testing System
    Country of Origin:UK
    Use:The GDS Triaxial Testing System (GDSTTS) is a fully automated triaxial testing system designed principally for stress path testing. The GDSTTS is based on the classic Bishop & Wesley type stress path triaxial cell which controls stress directly on the sample. The system can be configured using Enterprise, Standard or Advanced level controllers. The 38/50mm cell is for up to 7kN axial force, with the larger 70/100mm cell up to 25kN. This is the system of choice for teaching laboratories and researchers.
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Features & Benefits:
  • Using the full range of GDS pressure controllers and triaxial cells, each system may be configured exactly to the customers specification and budget,
  • Direct actuation of axial stress through the hydraulically controlled ram in the base of each cell,
  • Three pressure controllers link the computer to the test cell as follows:
  • One for axial stress and axial displacement control.
  • One for cell pressure control.
  • One for setting back pressure and measuring volume change.
  • Resolution of measurement of volume change in all systems  =  0.5 or 1mm3.

  • Technical Specification:
Accuracy of Pressure Measurement Standard Set-up (STDTTS) <0.15% full range, Advanced Set-up (ADVTTS) <0.1% full range
Accuracy of Volume Measurement Standard Set-up (STDTTS) 0.25% measured value , Advanced Set-up (ADVTTS) <0.1% measured value
Load Range (kN) Standard Set-up (STDTTS): 7 or 25 , Advanced Set-up (ADVTTS): 7 or 25, High Pressure Set-up (HPTTS): 7 or 25.
Pressure Range (Mpa) Standard Set-up (STDTTS): 1,2,3,4 , Advanced Set-up (ADVTTS): Up to 10, High Pressure Set-up (HPTTS): Up to 10.
Resolution of Pressure Measurement Standard Set-up (STDTTS): 1kPa, Advanced Set-up (ADVTTS): 0.5kPa
Resolution of Volume Measurement Standard Set-up (STDTTS): 1mm3, Advanced Set-up (ADVTTS): 0.5mm3
Sample Sizes 38/50mm or 70/100mm

Upgrade options:
  • Bender Element System (Vertical, Horizontal, S and P waves)
  • Hall Effect local Strain
  • LVDT Local Strain
  • Unsaturated Testing


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