SHARK-200 - Nearshore CPT system
Nearshore CPT system
    Country of Origin:Netherlands
    Use:A new successfully introduced product from Geomil is the SHARK (Submersible Heave-free Aquatic Riser Kit) system. The kit is designed to produce the highest quality marine CPT(U) without having the influence of the marine environment return in your CPT(U) data.
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  1. The principal of the SHARK system is a long time proven method. Systems are commonly setup on a project basis. This approach handicaps flexibility, brings greater mobilization cost and operational liabilities. Geomil has now designed a compact modular, efficient system to enable a success full nearshore project.
  2. The SHARK is designed for nearshore and inshore CPT projects. Typically water depths from 2 to 30 m can be covered. The SHARK is ideal for CPT works in harbors, waterways and channels.
  3. The SHARK can be operated with fairly straight forward and standard marine plants with great availability around the world. To setup the SHARK, if no sufficient moonpool is available, a cantilever frame which comes with the system is installed over the side of the barge.
  4. The field work with the SHARK needs 2-3 geotechnical operators at each working shift. The SHARK operates relatively simple and good onshore operators will be able to handle the complete operation after some training and support form Geomil.
  5. Transportation of the SHARK can be done with one standard 40’ flatbed trailer. A typical mobilization and setup on a marine barge is done in about 4-6 hours. Because of suitability for road transport, the unit can be swiftly transported between harbors, deltas and inland water masses. Besides road transport might bring the SHARK to locations where other marine plants have difficult access. With modifications the system is suitable for deployment on quay walls in ports.
  6. The system is modular and in its largest setup able to perform 200 kN thrust force. Because of its setup the energy lost on friction is minimal and maximum force will be available to advance the cone. Nevertheless, if full thrust is not required and/or the marine plant does not accommodate the full system weight, the SHARK can be quickly reduced, which makes its handling lighter.
  7. If your professional interest has been awakened and you might see new business opportunities for your company, please do not hesitate to contact Geomil and speak to our marine specialist to see if this system can be beneficial to your operation. We will be glad to support your new ideas.


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