MANTA-200 - Seabed CPT system
Seabed CPT system
    Country of Origin:Netherlands
    Use: The MANTA® forms the latest generation CPT system for determining the offshore seabed soil conditions rapidly and accurately. It seamlessly fills the space between our successful SHARK® and ORCA® systems. Typical water depths are 500 m, optional modifications bring 2 000 m within reach.
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The MANTA? can be deployed from a positioned vessel or platform and is designed to be a capable and flexible unit. To feature its variety, the following points will give you an idea of its flexibility:
  1. - Dead weight 5 - 28 tons
  2. - Variable sounding speed 18 - 26 mm/sec
  3. - Variable retracting speed, 18 - 90 mm/sec
  4. - Variable thrust capacity between 30 - 200 kN
  5. - Interchangeable multi spread hoisting frame
  6. - With an add-on it allows for running CPT casing!
To guarantee a continuous, uninterrupted thrust advancement a unique ‘Chain Drive Continuous Motion System’ has been developed in house. The MANTA? can retrieve CPT tubes faster than any other system, which saves on deployment hours for supporting equipment.
The suggested turn-key solution of a MANTA?consists of the following main units:
Standard units:
  1. - MANTA-seabed frame 5 - 22 ton
  2. - Chain Drive Continuous Motion System
  3. - Pressure compensated power pack
  4. - Integrated surface functional control and real-time data acquisition system
  5. - Rod BOTTOM and TOP switch
  6. - CPT Depth encoder
  7. - Various process and information sensors
  8. - MANTA- hoisting frame (available in multiple configurations / exchangeable)
  9. - Umbilical winch with 500 m umbilical
  1. - Main hoisting winch 15+ ton line pull
  2. - Main hoist line tensioner (3.5 - 7 m run)
  3. - Rod tensioning winch (13 mm steel wire)
The MANTA- comes with an electrical driven submersible hydraulic power-pack (12 kW) which in itself is an assembly of innovative solutions. In order to reduce the need for a high direct and continuous power take from the umbilical (making the umbilical expensive) an innovative power management system has been designed and integrated.


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