PDI - E-Saximeter (E-SAX)
Hammer Performance Analyzer
    Model:PDI E-Saximeter
    Country of Origin:USA
    Use:The E-Sax is a hand held instrument. In its basic configuration the pile inspector observes the driving process and pushes a button for every depth increment as driving progresses.
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Handheld instrument registering relevant pile driving parameters, calculating diesel hammer stroke or hammer blows per minute (BPM), for an accurate pile driving log.
  • Counts hammer blows, and equivalent blows per minute for all hammer types; calculates stroke height for diesel hammers
  • Provides a drive log of blow count as a function of depth
  • Results are downloaded from the E-SAX to your computer
  • Optional accessories allow for impact velocity measurements to compute kinetic energy and depth measurements

The E-Saximeter registers all relevant pile driving parameters. It calculates the hammer operating rate in blows per minute and helps the piling inspector create a pile driving log. For single acting, open-end diesel hammers the E-Sax also displays the hammer potential energy and ram stroke. This measurement is important since excessive stroke can cause pile damage.
The E-Sax is a handheld instrument. In its basic configuration, the pile inspector observes the driving process and pushes a button for every depth increment as driving progresses. Several accessories further enhance the functionality of this time-tested sound recognition device including:
  • Proximity switches installed on the driving hammer and a wireless transmission system (transmitter attached to the driving hammer and E-Sax internal transceiver) enable the E-Saximeter to compute the hammer kinetic energy. Kinetic energy may be input to the GRLWEAP pile driving simulation software to fine-tune the driving criteria.
  • depth measurement reel with wireless transmission capabilities eliminates the need for manual depth increment input, automating the entire creation of the driving log.

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