Strain and Acceleration Sensor
Strain Gauge and Accelerometer
    Model:Strain and Acceleration Sensors
    Country of Origin:USA
    Use:Strain Transducers and Accelerometers manufactured by Pile Dynamics collect the essential data for use with the Pile Driving Analyzer? (PDA) and SPT Analyzer.
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Reliable results start with reliable measurements:.

The axially accurate strain and acceleration signals collected at high microstrain and “g” levels are converted by the PDA (or the SPT Analyzer) to force and velocity records. These records are then used in evaluations of foundation capacity, foundation integrity, hammer efficiency and pile driving stresses.

Accuracy matters, but so does convenience. PDI sensors are fast and simple to install and remove. With proper care, both accelerometers and strain transducers have a long useful life.

Strain Transducers and Accelerometers manufactured by Pile Dynamics are reliable, convenient to install and remove, and highly durable. Available in wireless or traditional (cabled) versions.

Accuracy: PDI sensors collect axially accurate signals at high microstrain (strain transducers) and “g” (accelerometers) levels.

Traceability: PDI sensors are traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) specifications. Calibration sheets are furnished with each sensor. Pile Dynamics recommends that sensors be recalibrated at least every two years, in accordance with ASTM D-4945.

Versatility: In addition to collecting data for high strain dynamic foundation testing with the Pile Driving Analyzer® (PDA) system, accelerometers are also used for SPT hammer energy calibration with either the PDA or the SPT Analyzer. SPT hammer calibration also requires a specially instrumented SPT rod (strain gages glued to the rod are used in lieu of strain transducers for this application). PDI strain transducers are compatible with other applications requiring strain measurements, such as static load monitoring and structural monitoring of bridges and other structures.

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