PDI - Shaft Area Profile Evaluator (SHAPE)
Shaft Quantitative Inspection Device
    Country of Origin:USA
    Use:A cost effective QA testing device providing a visual representation of foundation excavation prior to concrete pour in wet conditions Wireless acquisition calculations of shaft profile to determine shaft radius, volume and verticality, 360 degree, 2D and 3D profile views Data acquisition at a rate of approximately one scan per second with eight channels scanned simultaneously Quick connection to Kelly bar or can be used with a top mount winch system
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SHAPE is a cost-effective quality assurance testing device used for deep  foundations such as drilled shafts, slurry walls, barrettes and more to determine the excavation dimensions and verticality. 

Drilled shafts are rarely ideal cylinders and irregularities can affect capacity and design. SHAPE better characterizes the threedimensional
shape of drilled shafts and other excavated deep foundation elements. SHAPE provides a fast, economical visual representation of the foundation excavation and verticality prior to placing concrete in wet conditions.

SHAPE offers:
• Quick connection to Kelly bar or can be used with an optional winch system
• Multi-channel ultrasonic device to scan the sidewall condition of wet pour drilled shafts
• Wireless acquisition calculations of shaft profile to determine shaft radius, volume and verticality
• Data acquisition at a rate of approximately one (1) scan per second 
• Four (4) or Eight (8) channels scanned simultaneously SHAPE’s drilling stem advancement rate is approximately one (1) foot per second,
offering 360˚, 2D and 3D profile views.


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