High Speed 3D GPR Achieves
Geological Radar
    Model:GeoScope MK IV
    Country of Origin:Norway
    Use: The 3d-Radar GeoScope™ Mk IV Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) raises the standard for high speed, high-density three-dimensional sub-surface imaging. The Mk IV is the fourth generation 3d-Radar GeoScope and further exploits the application of step-frequency technology to Ground Penetrating Radar. The GeoScope Mk IV enables high-density high speed 3D data capture with the unique combination of deep subsurface penetration coupled to high resolution. Optimal signal bandwidth and the best possible resolution at each subsurface investigation level result in large swaths of the subsurface surveyed at higher speeds with no sacrifice in imaging detail
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Application Areas
  • Road/Bridge Inspection 
  • Archaeology 
  • Railroad Inspection 
  • Military – IED/UXO 
  • Utility Mapping 
  • Airport Runway Inspection
Features and Benefits
-- Wideband coverage, 200MHz to 3GHz
--Enables detailed surveys from near surface to deeper depths in a single pass with resolution of 3cm at shallow depths.
-- Selectable number of antenna elements, up to41 channels
--Capture wide swaths of survey data in one pass. Use all antenna elements for more details, or fewer elements for faster surveys.
-- Uniform antenna size
--All channels have the same frequency range and uniform impulse response, making data processing easy.
-- Compatible with GeoScope Mk IV dual channel receiver architecture
--Allows for simultaneous data recording from two antennas or faster rate of advance with no loss of fidelity.
-- Multi-offset recording
--Allows data to be recorded with different offsets between transmitter and receiver antennas. Automated common mid-point (CMP) gathers are easily performed for wave velocity analysis.
-- Built-in GPS receiver
--Coarse positioning and precise time reference.


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