RTD-link™ -LXRS® Wireless RTD Sensor Node
Wireless Sensor
    Country of Origin:USA
    Use:The RTD-link™ -LXRS® Wireless RTD Sensor Node features a standard RTD input connector and software programmable on-board linearization algorithms to support 2 or 4 wire PT100 RTD types. RTD-link"s small, wireless form factor allows for streamlined deployment in remote and long-term monitoring applications. The node can simultaneously log data to internal memory and transmit real-time data to a host computer at user programmable data rates. Node Commander® software supports configuration of the wireless node including discovery, initialization, radio frequency, sample rate, reading/writing to node EEPROM, calibrating node sensors, managing node batteries including sleep, wake, and cycle power, and upgrading node firmware. The RTD-link is compatible with any WSDA® -base, WSDA® -1000 or SensorCloud™.
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Wireless Simplicity, Hardwired Reliability 

Synchronized platform accepts most PT100 RTDs 
Scalable network supports additional sensors and measurement capabilities 
Lossless data throughput under most operating conditions 
Low-power for extended battery life 
SensorCloud – web-based monitoring solutions 
Ease of Integration 

Rapidly deployable wireless form factor 
Simple integration supported by comprehensive SDK 
Cost Effective 

Reduced cost and rapid time to market for customer’s applications 
Aggressive volume discount schedule


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