ConReg 706 and ConReg 712
Concrete Strength Testing
    Model:CONREG 706,712
    Country of Origin:Sweden
    Use:Online measurement of the temperature of in-situ concrete, measurement of the compressive strength, monitoring of strength continuously in real time in the construction, decrease costs of framework, decrease production time of the construction,ensure better security and quality of concrete casting. Efficient and reliable method of strength monitoring based on own tendency curves for own recepies.
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ConReg maturity meter is measuring temperature in freshly cast concrete. The strength growth is depended on the concrete"s temperature during the first period. ConReg Maturity Meters provides an unique possibility to determine the actual strength in a concrete construction. With ConReg system your own concrete data in form of tendency curves can easily be created in the concrete factory"s laboratory. By monitoring the real temperatures online and the strength growth inside the construction you can achieve increased security. The advantage of using ConReg is decreasing of the formworks costs and production time. To perform the measurement, wires that are the temperature sensors have to be placed inside the concrete construction. One end of the wire is place inside the construction and the other end is connected to the measuring instrument. Then data of measured temperature are transferred from the instrument to the PC software. The compressive strength is calculated continuously which provide the advantage of knowing when the formwork can be stripped or the element can be loaded. ConReg maturity meters consists of series of instruments that can record up to 24 measuring points.

Technical Specifications

ConReg models: ConReg 706 with 6 channels, ConReg 706 GMS with 6 channels and GSM modem, ConReg 712 with 12 channels, ConReg712 GSM with 12 channels and GSM modem. Hardware enables sensors to be connected and used in in-situ concrete. The meters are delivered in transportation boxes with manuals and accessories. The instrument has rechargable battery of 12V that works up to three months depending on the measurement intervalls. The instrument has also the back-up battery. ConReg software operates in Windows 8, 7 and XP.It is user friendly. The weight of the instrument including the box is 12kg. 


Accessories and spares

Transport box, battery charger, stripping pliers, insulation tape, 100m thermocouple wire, manuals.




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