Imperium AcoustoCam i600
Ultrasonic Imager
    Model:Imperium AcoustoCam i600
    Country of Origin:USA
    Use:Ultrarsound Imaging Cameras able to provide real-time C and A scan viewing.
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Target Industries:

 • Commercial & Military Aerospace • Petrochemical • OEM Manufacturers • Automotive • Marine & Underwater


Typical Materials:

 • Carbon Fiber Composite • Aluminum • Plastics & Fiberglass • Metals • Multi-layer Laminates • Honeycomb Core


C-Scan Imaging Field of View: 1.0 Sq. Inch instantaneous Imaging ASIC: Patented DAV Version 6.0 Array Elements: 120 x 120 (14K Pixels) Pixel Size: 100 Micron Acoustic Lens: 2 Elements Adjustable F/1 Video Rate: 30 Frames/ Second Output Format: Rs170 Spatial Resolution x,y Plane: 0.7mm or 600 microns @ 5MHz Dynamic Range: 70dB Instantaneous X,Y Size of Defect: Visual Grid and Point-to- Point “Freeze” Sizing Options Images Captured: up to 16Gbs Image Types: JPEG, MPEG-3 Gate Function: Full Range, 10nsec/ 0,01mm increments Mode: Pulse-echo only C-scan & A-scan Match Gate: Yes


Systems Architecture Internal Memory: 500Mb, 2Gb Flash Operating System: MS-Windows XP Processor: Intel Pentium M 1.6 Ghz Application Software: AcoustoVision™ Touch Screen GUI Output: VGA 600H x 800 TFT LCD Ethernet: (1) 100BaseT Wireless: 802.11b USB: (2) 2.0 Ports Pulser Pulses Per Burst: Square Wave 1 to 20 Pulser Voltage: Continuous up to 800 Volts Pulse Repetition Frequency: 250Hz Pulser Rise Time: <15nsec A-scan Rectification: None, Full, Half Acoustic Velocity: Stored, Edit Library of Materials Frequency: Software Adjustable 1 to 8MHz Transducers: 1.00, 2.25, 3.50, 5.00 and 7.50 MHz


Power & Physical Environment AC Operation: 110 / 240 VAC, 50/60Hz Controller: 9.7”H x 4.5”D Controller Weight: 4Lbs (18Kg) LCD Screen: 6.75”W x 5.25”H, 8.5”Diagonal Screen I600 Camera: 1.25Lbs (0.6Kg) Cable Length: Std. 8ft. / 244 m, customize to 20ft./ 6.1m Water Resistant: Yes


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