Direct Fixation Fastener
Direct Fixation Fastener
    Model:Direct Fixation Fastener
    Country of Origin:USA
    Use:LORD RF Series Direct Fixation Fastener Technology enables flexible design, laterally and vertically adjustment, versatile rail attachment, easy installation, durable materials, and long life.
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Historical Reference

Starting from supplying to Washington D.C in 1970’s, LORD DFF has been widely used in urban rail systems in North America, Europe and Asia.

From 2003,LORD DFF has been supplied to the urban rail industry in mainland China including cities likeShanghai,Guangzhou,Beijing,Chongqing,Xian and Nanjing,etc (YT2013 saw around 350,000 pcs)


Product Series

Can offer both standard DFF for stock rail and special DFF for turnout section. And the DFF can be customized to adapt to both ω and e type of clips.


Product Performance

Rolling stock /track frequency planning based total Parametric Design. Restrain wheel/rail dynamic interaction to mitigate wheel/rail corrugation while satisfying with vibration isolation requirement.

Bonded process to offer maximum system integration to simply onsite installation

Bonded process having entire product encapsulated by rubber skin, which significantly improve corrosion performance.

Anchor bolt does not go through top plate and there is no resilient pad introduced in between rail and top place of the bonded unit, which mitigate possibility of fastening loosing during application

Customer Testimony

Chicago Metro)

Shanghai Metro

Beijing Metro


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