Hanwell - ML4106 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger
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The ml4106 datalogger is one of a new series of advanced standalone temperature

and humidity dataloggers.These smart loggers are ideal for situations where

logging may be temporary, for enclosing with a valuable shipment or situations

where a wired or radio system is not the best solution.

Each ml4106 logger reads its on-board sensors to provide accurate and reliable

information about environmental conditions.The logging interval can be set for any

period between 10 seconds and 24 hours, depending on the data requirements. An

unlimited delay can be set so that logging only begins when the unit is in situ. The

readings are written to its 192K memory, which can either stop logging if it

becomes full, or wraparound so that the most recent data is not lost. A unit set to

log every 5 minutes will take more than 340 days to fill.

Each logger has an LCD screen simultaneously displaying the most recent readings

taken, the predicted battery life, and if any readings have exceeded the alarm

parameters set. The on-board probes are a precision temperature probe and a high

quality humidity probe. These probes can be calibrated by the users or at Hanwell’s

in-house calibration laboratory.

The logger is set-up and downloaded using an integrated software package, which

automatically recognises the type of unit connected to the PC via the USB lead.

Additional software add-ons allow the software to be run with advanced security



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