Hanwell Alarmwatch Remote Sensor
Alarm Warming System
    Model:AW 01/ 02/ 03
    Country of Origin:UK
    Use:Tank level alarms° Vending machines° Power failure monitoring° Remote alarms
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GSMThe AlarmWatch unit is part of the GSM based Watch series. The AW01 combines4 contact inputs.All products in the Watch range are truly stand-alone and are suitable for use in themost remote locations. The only limitation to use is the availability of a GSMsignal. The AlarmWatch units are battery powered which is user replaceable, with alife expectancy of around two years (depending on usage). The unit can bepowered by 12v if required.Many GSM alarm units use off the shelf GSM modems. These GSM modems havea habit of losing communication usually due to problems with the network, thismay only happen once or twice a year and normally all that is required is a simplemanual re-set of the modem module. However not that easy if it is 200 miles away,the costs associated with someone traveling to site are high.Watch series products use our own proven GSM communication modules. TheGSM module has an onboard micro controller acting as a watchdog for themodem. Should any problem with network connectivity be detected the modemwill be automatically re-set and re-connected to the network.The system stores up to 8 telephone numbers for sending SMS messages to. Oncean alarm has been registered the alarm message is sent to the first programmednumber. If there is no response the other numbers are called in order until aresponse is received. The delay time for a response is user programmable. TheAlarm message contains alarm number, alarm information and site name.All set-up is done via the USB interface using the simple setup program, which issupplied free. A heartbeat message can be programmed at user-defined intervals,low battery text message is sent on low battery. SIM card required.


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