Infrared Thermography for Evaluation, Maintenance and Inspection of Building
Release time:2017-12-20
Infrared thermography is being widely used for evaluation, maintenance, inspection and diagnosis of office building and apartment buildings. Infrared thermography is an equipment which enables "visualization of temperature distribution". By visualization of temperature, "inspection for separation/lifting of wall finishing material", "inspection for water leakage/stagnant water", "inspection of heat insulation material", "inspection of air tightness" and "inspection of electric facility, piping and air conditioner" can be conducted efficiently within a short period of time. Furthermore, inspection and survey using thermography is most useful in "measurement of energy saving effect" in office buildings and apartment buildings.
There are four benefits of external wall separation inspection using thermography: 
1) Inspection period can be shortened!
Scaffold, which is necessary in the case of percussion diagnosis, is not required. In the case of the thermography inspection, simplified diagnosis of external walls can be conducted remotely and quickly.

2) Diagnosis can be conducted at a reasonable cost!
No scaffold is required. Inspection period can be shortened. Comparing to the case of percussion diagnosis, external wall diagnosis can be conducted at less than a half of the budget size.

3) Diagnosis can be conducted safely!
No scaffold is required. Inspection can be conducted safely as there is no high-place work involved.

4) Easy to understand and convincing explanation can be made!
Visual present report can be prepared using thermography, easy to understand and convincing explanation can be given to the clients. Precaution related to the external wall separation inspection using thermography.
In order to conduct external wall degradation diagnosis and evaluation and diagnosis of buildings and housings based on the infrared survey method using thermography, not only the knowledge on the structure/construction method of the building (housing) in general but also correct knowledge regarding infrared survey method and know-how related to the thermography photographing and image data analysis are required.

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