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Live Webinar: 2D Weak Layer Model in SVSLOPE® (Mandarin)
Release time:2018-11-01




Live Webinar: 2D Weak Layer Model in SVSLOPE® (Mandarin)



Methods of geometry entry as well as analysis methods, slip surface searching methods and visualization of results will be covered. 

The webinar attendee will come away with a good idea of how to create simple slope stability numerical models. New drawing methods implemented in the new SVOFFICE 5 software will be covered.



This webinar is live on March 1, 2017. Don't miss your chance to join this FREE webinar to understand more about how to create simple slope stability numerical models and new drawing methods implemented on the CAD control.



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The following specific items will be illustrated in the webinar:




  • Entry of geometry by different methods
  • New methods of drawing on the CAD control
  • Selection of searching methods
  • Searching using the block search methodology
  • Results visualization
  • Sorting trial slip surfaces and displaying in order




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Tutorial – 2D Weak Layer Model in SVSLOPE® 


Session Date: 
March 1, 2017 
8PM - 9PM CST 
(China Standard Time) 

Sam Jian, B.Sc., M.Sc. 
Director of Client Relations & Engineering - China 
SoilVision Systems Ltd.



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