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Introducing our new distributed data management software: DiView II
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October, 2014






Issue 04 2014




Introducing our new distributed data management software: piew II



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We are proud to inform you that SMARTEC has launched its new distributed data mana- gement software, piew II.
The piew II software is a key component of SMARTEC distributed monitoring systems. The new piew II has been developed after years of collaboration with different industrial partners, with the main aim to improve its reliability when used in very demanding environment, where stability and ease of operation are essential features. The piew II software is designed for data storing, processing, representation, analysis and alarm triggering. Fully compatible with both DiTeSt and DiTemp system, it can be interfaced with client’s existing SCADA and DCS systems. The piew II software organizes its main function in an easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface) where the users can access the main software functions, data and alarms, but can also have a quick and effective view on the global status and quickly identify and localize any critical behavior. Built on a modular structure, the piew II relies on different processes that work simultaneously and independently to manage all the necessary activities. A “kernel” is used to manage the data streaming from the reading units to the main server, data storing in the database, processing and alarm triggering, through alarm relay module (volt free contact) or a SCADA interface. A Graphical User Interface offers maximum flexibility during operations and ease of exploitation. The GUI can be simultaneously run by multiple users with different access rights.


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Bridge 2The old Kalwa Bridge in Thane, India, was built over the Thane Creek in 1863 by the British and founded by Vitthal Sayyana, a renowned contractor; the Kalwa Bridge connected small towns like Kalwa, Mumbra, Kausa, all of Navi Mumbai, Raigad and more importantly Pune district to the mainland city of Thane. It is a true heritage structure, apart from its continued use as a traffic conduit. The bridge is an arch construction; it was struck by an oversized barge in 2011 causing one of the supporting arches on the central span to collapse. Currently only one-way traffic in the form of two and three wheelers is allowed to cross the bridge, as the structural health of the bridge was not known prior to this study. The main objective of the study was to monitor the bridge under the effects of the existing loads and to understand the levels of response. The existing loads are very small and there isn’t expected to be any significant response due to these. However, before going for a more aggressive loading, it is necessary to ascertain that there is no significant response at the existing load level. This was done to increase the confidence of the bridge owners in the testing methodology and demonstrate the utility of the technology. A total of 4 SOFO Standard Deformation Sensors (2 main and 2 backup) and 1 AcTiMon Tiltmeter and Accelerometer were identified as more than sufficient for the monitoring purpose. They were surface mounted at different locations of the bridge to acquire the requisite data. The monitoring concentrates on the principle of static and dynamic monitoring. Measurements were carried out at site during a series of load tests and continuous monitoring sessions. In order to achieve the best possible execution of this project, MST teamed up with Smartec SA as system provider and technical support and with IIT Roorkee for their renowned expertise in the field of Civil and Structural Engineering. The results show that the bridge – as it is today – is not sensitive to the level of live load running on it, and based on the study of both dynamic and static response for acceleration and deformation, it does not appear that the current load will trigger a load based structural failure.

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