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Newsletter: Article in the Geotechnica, New Resilient Modulus and Hardin Oscillator Apparatus from GDS
Release time:2015-06-01



What is multi-directional dynamic cyclic direct simple shear?
In this month"s online magazine theGeotechnica, GDS discuss this topic and share findings from one of their apparatuses

Resilient Modulus Testing System from GDS
Allows the resilient modulus & permanent deformation of unbound base/sub-base pavement materials to be determined

New Product Development - Hardin Oscillator
The apparatus allows specimens to be tested in resonance while maintaining an anisotropic stress state






Multi-directional Dynamic Cyclic Direct Simple Shear Apparatus
A significant majority of test apparatuses traditionally used in soil laboratories shear soil elements in a single direction only. It is however possible to design and build more advanced apparatuses in which soil elements can be sheared in more than one direction – such apparatuses may therefore be termed multi-directional.
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Resilient Modulus Testing System
The system, based around the GDS ELDYN, uses an axially-stiff load frame with a beam-mounted electro-mechanical actuator to apply dynamic cyclic axial loads, with a GDS triaxial cell used to confine the test specimen. A number of options are also available for measuring axial deformations, ranging from localised LVDTs to external linear potentiometers. Discover more





Hardin Type Resonant Column Apparatus
The GDS Hardin style oscillator contains an electro-magnetic drive system incorporating precision wound coils and composite sintered neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) “rare-earth” magnets. The apparatus can be mounted in a stand alone system with an integral axial force actuator, or within a cell for integration into an existing load frame. Discover more




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