Fakopp - Root Detector
Tree Stability Testing
    Model:Root Detector
    Country of Origin:Hungary
    Use:The Root Detector is designed for determining the location of the roots of a selected tree.
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The Root Detector is designed for determining the location of the roots of a selected tree. It works based on sound velocity measurements between a sensor attached to the trunk and a soil sensor placed close to the root. Adjusting the position of the soil sensor while keeping a fix distance from the tree enables us to map the entire root structure. The benefit of this method is that the measurement is not disturbed by other trees' roots, pipes or other buried materials.
Remark: there are overlaps among the equipments needed for ArborSonic 3D and RootDetector. So you can order RootDetector alone and as an extension for ArborSonic 3D.

Usage Instructions:
  1. Put the rectangular sensor (the one with the long cable) on the tree. The spike should point towards the roots.
  2. Connect the BNC connector to the (black) amplifier box.
  3. Connect the soil sensor (cylindrical) to the amplifer box.
  4. Tie a loose rope around the tree. The rope will help you to keep a constant distance between the tree and the soil sensor. Move the soil sensor around the tree by small steps, making sure that the rope remains tightened.
  5. Make a measurement at each sensor position.
Package Contents
  • SD02 piezo sensor with 6 m cable
  • Soil sensor
  • Dual amplifier box
  • Battery box
  • Rubber hammer
  • Steel hammer
  • Evaluation software
Technical Specification 
  • Time required for one measurement: ~ 1 hour
  • Hammer: 100g
  • Measured time precision : ± 2 μs
  • Number of sensors: 2
  • Starter sensor: SD02 Piezo Sensor
  • Receiver sensor: high frequency geophone 
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