Spectroline - Fluorescent Dyes for AC&R Leak Detection
Construction Leak Detection Products

    The revolutionary way to add fluorescent dye into air conditioning and refrigeration systems without the use of additional refrigerant! Just one connection, then turn the handle to inject the dye. No complicated hookups! Ideal for preventive maintenance programs and for multiple, small AC&R units.

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FOUR WAYS to add AR-GLO® dye to AC&R Systems

  • Universal/POE – Dye is compatible with all refrigerants and lubricants, including mineral oil, PVE, polyol ester and alkyl benzene*

  • Lubricant-specific – Dyes exactly match the OEM lubricant type in the system

  • Co-solvent free – Dyes will not impair lubricant properties (lubricity and viscosity), which could lead to excessive wear or damage to system components

  • OEM-approved – By major compressor, refrigerant, lubricant and AC&R equipment manufacturers

  • NSF Certified – Registered to meet food-grade processing requirements for category codes HTX-2 and HX-2*
    Universal/Poe dyes only

    Small to Medium Systems:

    EZ-Ject (Multi-Dose Cartridges)

    GLO-STICK (Dye Cartridges)

    Medium to Large Systems:

    BigEZ (Multi-Dose Cartridges)

    Large System:

    AR-GLO 4/E (Bottled Fluorescent Dye)

    Water GLO 802 (Bottled Fluorescent Dye)
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