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Ease of Operation

Ease of operation has a significant impact on every aspect of the success of a triaxial rock mechanics system. Ease of operation means that less training is required for an operator to become competent in conducting successful tests. It means that the system is safer because there is less chance of a safety problem due to operator error. Ease of operation results in quicker test turn around and more productivity from the system in terms of data produced. This can result in more accuracy of data because of the ease with which transducers are setup. Other features that add to the ease of operation include:

  • A single hydraulic cylinder to raise and lower the lower closure of the test cell. This allows for rapid, smooth test cell closure.
  • Test cell sliding closure is held in place by a reaction column. This eliminates the time consuming process of threading and unthreading bolted closures.
  • Sample stack assembly is built directly on the lower test cell closure, where it is easily accessible to the technician.
  • Clearly silk-screened schematics on pore pressure and confining pressure consoles.

Rapid test Turn Around

  • No fasteners or threaded closures to open or close the test cell, thus, almost as soon as the closure is inserted into the test cell, a test can be started.
  • In-vessel transducers that connect directly to the lower closure allowing the transducers to be set up and zeroed in a minimum amount of time.
  • High flow rate fill pump, and air-assisted test cell drain allow the test cell to be filled quickly prior to beginning a test, and drained quickly once the test is complete.
  • Quickly filled-in test templates for test control and data acquisition allow the test to be set up and started efficiently.

Accurate Data

  • In-vessel axial load measurement, eliminating any effects due to seal friction.
  • Sample jacket design that includes stainless steel inserts that allow the transverse strain transducers to contact the sample directly, through the jacket wall, eliminating jacket effects in this measurement.
  • Automated data acquisition system.


Operator safety is of the utmost concern in the design of the DCI Triaxial Rock Mechanics Test System. Some of the features that contribute to this safety include:

  • High factor of safety in the design of all high pressure components.
  • Ductile steel safety liner around the pressure vessel to absorb energy in the case of any failure of the test cell.
  • Burst disks to prevent the over-pressure of system components.
  • Large-dial pressure gauges visible to the operator so that various pressures in the system are always visible.
  • Lexan enclosure around the test cell to protect the operator from pinch points in the system and high pressure fluid in the case of a leak.

User Configurable

Every user’s test is not the same and for this reason DCI has the ability to custom design a system that fits your exact test requirements. Call and talk to an engineer about how we can customize this system to fit your requirements and price point.

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