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Poly-axial load frames are designed to simulate reservoir conditions on large cubical samples. These systems are typically used to perform scaled hydraulic fracturing experiments to study the effect of stress state on shape and orientation of a fracture. Acoustic sensors can be used to monitor acoustic events during a fracture.

Some of the features of these systems includes:

  • Hydraulic actuators apply stresses to five faces of the sample.  Hydraulic actuators allow higher stresses and larger sample displacement than is possible with flatjack type loading systems.
  • Multiple hydraulic actuators on a sample face allow the possibility of multiple stress zones across a sample face.
  • Heating plates mounted immediately adjacent to the sample face allow the sample to be heated to reservoir conditions without exposing hydraulic actuator seals to excessive temperatures.
  • LVDT’s monitor displacement of individual actuators.
  • Instrumentation plates mounted around the sample allow acoustic or other transducers to be mounted in direct contact with the sample.  This instrumentation plate arrangement allows the sample with instrumentation to be assembled outside the load frame, and then have the instrumented sample lowered into the load frame.
  • DCI VPA syringe pumps provide automatic, computer-controlled stresses on the different sample faces.  The stress control program allows the operator to program stress and temperature profiles for ramping the sample to reservoir conditions, or to change conditions during an experiment.
  • DCI syringe pumps generate fluid pressure and flow to create the hydraulic fracture in the test block.
  • A “Drill Thru Lid” assembly allows scaled bore holes to be drilled in the sample while the sample is under reservoir stress conditions.  This drilling assembly is mounted on a magnetic base, and has a pendant control to allow the operator to control ROP and RPM.
  • An optional pore pressure box allows the sample to be saturated with pore fluid, and allows pore pressure to be controlled during a test.
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