DCI - Rock Compressibility System
High Pressure and Pressure Controller
        Model:Rock Compressibility System
        Country of Origin:USA
        Use:GDS have a wide range of high pressure triaxial cells, either with or without a balanced ram.
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The rock compressibility system is made up of a number of components that are integrated into a single system.  We know that not all users need the same system, and the DCI rock compressibility system can be configured with the options that fit your testing requirements. Each aspect of the equipment can be configured to meet your needs. These components include:

Core holders:

The core holders for these types of systems are generally triaxial type, but can also be hydrostatic or hassler. All core holders are designed to be compatible with in-vessel instrumentation.

Pore pressure control/pore volume measurement system

The heart of this system is DCI VPA syringe pumps.  The VPA syringe pump utilizes an industry leading actuator servo motor to move the piston. The servo motor allows very precise control of the syringe pump piston.  An encoder provides exact position feedback of the servo motor, allowing the volume of the fluid displaced or received by the syringe pump to be known very precisely (the encoder resolution for volume measurement is less than 1 nano liter).  The VPA also provides precise pressure control of the pore pressure in the sample.

Lateral pressure control system

Pressure is typically provided by a VPA syringe pump.  This allows automatic lateral pressure control. With automatic pressure control the software can be easily setup to run programed stress profiles. Feedback from lateral strain instrumentation is also measured by the VPA syringe pump giving it the ability to control pressure to meet a user settable lateral strain target.  Other options for lateral pressure control are available, contact us for more details.

Axial (overburden) pressure control system

Pressure is typically provided by a VPA syringe pump.  This allows automatic axial pressure control. VPA syringe pump measures and controls pressure based on feedback from an in-vessel load cell. This eliminates error from seal friction and other factors that may not give accurate axial load.  Other options for axial pressure control are available, contact us for more details.

In-vessel sample instrumentation

In-vessel instrumentation includes lateral strain transducers, axial strain transducers and axial load cell. Each instrument is factory calibrated and designed for the most accurate measurements possible.

Heating Systems

Simulating reservoir conditions is important. Each system is equipped with a heating system that can be configured differently depending on options and testing needs. Contact us for more


Automated data acquisition and test control system

Software is the brain of the system and makes for easy setup and control. In software the users can setup a test, create test profiles and record data/view data.

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