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Soil Centrifugal Testing
    Model:Geotech Centrifuge
    Country of Origin:UK
    Use:The test results predict likely ground displacement and other ground failure mechanisms.
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Thomas Broadbent & Sons Ltd have the world’s leading range of geotechnical centrifuges underpinned by Cambridge University’s Geotechnical Schofield Laboratory. These specialist geotechnical centrifuges are available with integrated data acquisition systems.

The new exciting range of geotechnical centrifuges designed and built by Broadbent, supported by Cambridge University’s Drum IPR, is sold under the ‘Broadbent G-Max’ name.

This range of geotechnical research tools brings together Broadbent’s centrifuge design skills, manufacturing expertise and internationally renowned service network. The data acquisition systems use G-Max's skills and geotechnical test know-how. We offer  support from initial project concept through to final turnkey facility installation and training.
The product range of drum centrifuges, incorporates Broadbent’s Geotechnical ‘G’ Series Drum Centrifuges and the tilting drum centrifuge invented by Professor Andrew Schofield F.R.S, F.Eng., F.I.C.E of Cambridge University. This worldwide patent-protected drum technology (patent number US 5,634,876) is now integrated into the revolutionary Modular Centrifuge – the world’s first single-platform, multi-test environment, beam and drum centrifuge, designed specifically to offer the complete test environment to the civil engineering researcher.

Links for more information on the Broadbent-GMax range of geotechnical centrifuges :
  • Geotechncial centrifuge brochure.
  • Technical details of the Geotrechnical drum and beam centrifuge range.
  • Product ID datasheet - showing centrifuge range & option availability.
  • Client list.
  • Links to the sites of a selection of Broadbent Geotech centrifuge users.
  • Email contact for Geotech equipment :
  • Broadbent G-Max have designed and developed an entirely new concept in Geotechnical Centrifuge design. The world’s first combined beam and drum platform – the Modular Centrifuge.

Get the best of both worlds - the proven beam centrifuge with the enhancement of a drum.
  • Features & Benefits of drum centrifuges.
  • ‘In flight’ advanced manipulation of tool position
  • Compact by comparison with beam centrifuges
  • Inherently safe channel design
  • Safety shield feature allows for tool change whilst samples are ‘in flight’
  • Extended footprint allows multiple position tests
  • Current designs - up to 400 times gravity
  • Free standing centrifuge with rotating parts within substantial casing
  • Channel can operate as a virtual beam
  • Engineering support services worldwide

Typical channel dimensions


Drum Diameter
Lip Depth
Mean ‘G’ Force
2200 mm
300 mm
800 mm
1200 mm
200 mm
300 mm
800 mm
150 mm
300 mm

Typical equivalent sample size

Equivalent site size.
Drum Diameter
2200 mm
2530 m
325 m
120 m
100 x 106 m3
1200 mm
1445 m
130 m
85 m
16 x 106 m3
800 mm
860 m
120 m
60 m
6 x 106 m3

he Broadbent range of beam and drum Geotechnical centrifuges provide :
  • A highly flexible modular platform suitable for a wide range of geotechnical modelling and research activities.
  • Models up to 600 G / 880 G tonnes.
  • Specialist geotechnical centrifuges up to 3000 G.
  • Twin shaft drum centrifuges utilising Cambridge University patented technology providing equivalent sample volumes at 400 G of 100 CuM.
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