Asphalt Vibratory Compactor (AVC)
Asphalt Pavement Analyser
    Model:Asphalt Vibratory Compactor
    Country of Origin:USA

    Use:The AVC is used to compact hot mix asphalt into cylindrical and beam test specimens.
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The Asphalt Vibratory Compactor (AVC) is designed to form rectangular and
cylindrical test specimens used for evaluating the susceptibility of permanent
deformation (rutting), fatigue cracking, and moisture damage of asphalt mixes.
The AVC compacts specimens at the same amplitude, same frequency, and same
relative weight that a contractor experiences with a vibratory compactor on the

Overall Dimensions:

Width: 86.73 cm (34 inches)
Length: 155.61 cm (61 inches)
Height: 206.63 cm (81 inches)
Weight: 1063.00 kg (2350 lbs.)

Electrical Requirement:

208 VAC, 60HZ, 40 Amp, Single Phase – 4-wire, NEMA#L14-20
Compressed Air Requirement:
8 SCFM @ 827 Kpa (120PSI)

AVC Basic Components:

1) Compactor Assembly
2) Vibratory Compactor Unit
3) Sliding Tray For Sample Loading/Unloading
4) Specimen Extractor
5) Controls

1) Compaction Assembly:

  • 1a)Rigid steel frame construction mounted on noise absorbing supports and isolators.
2) Vibratory Compaction Unit
  • 2a)Compactor with rectangular and cylindrical compaction head, with
  • (2) Vibco Vibratory Motors capable of exerting pressure up to 22 psi with frequency of 3600 rpm and force of 2450 lbs.
3) Sample Tray for Sample Loading/Unloading
  • 3a)Manual slide tray for sample accessibility.
  • 3b)Two (2) steel molds, one (1) each for fabricating rectangular and cylindrical specimens.
4) Specimen Extractor
  • 4a)Air cylinder to extract compacted specimen.
5) Controls
  • 5a)Remote control for initializing Vibratory compaction unit.
  • 5b)Remote control for specifying a predetermined compaction time.
  • 5c)Specimen height-control device.
  • 5d)Main Power Switch
  • 5e)Specimen Ejection Switch 
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