High Resolution Acoustic Televiewer Probe (HRAT)
Well Logging System

    Model:High Resolution Acoustic Televiewer Probe (HRAT)
    Country of Origin:UK - Robertson Geologging
    Use:The High Resolution Acoustic Televiewer (HRAT) provides a continuous high-resolution oriented ultrasound image of the borehole wall.

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The probe uses a fixed acoustic transducer and a rotating acoustic mirror to scan the borehole walls with a focussed
ultrasound beam. The amplitude and travel time of the reflected acoustic signal are recorded as separate image logs.
Features such as fractures reduce the reflected amplitude and appear as dark sinusoidal traces on the log. The traveltime
log is equivalent to a 360-arm caliper and shows diameter changes within open fractures and ‘break-outs’.
Directional information is also recorded and used to orient the images in real time.



Fracture identification and orientation
Stratigraphic studies
Local stress studies (break-out)
Core orientation
Cased-hole studies

Operating Conditions

Borehole Type: Fluid filled
Recommended Logging Speed: 2.5m/min


Diameter: 42mm
Length: 1.55m or 1.99m (with natural gamma option)
Weight: 5kg
Transducer type: 1.5MHz piezo-composite
Rotation rate: 5 – 20rev/s
Sample rate: up to 360/rev

Part Numbers

I002184 HRAT probe
I002192 HRAT including natural-gamma
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