SSI - CS8800 Walking Profiler
    Model: CS8800 Walking Profiler
    Country of Origin: Canada
    Use: Collect highly accurate road profiles for ride quality and roughness reporting under agency specifications pavement smoothness testing.  The CS8800 can also generate reliable reference profiles for accuracy comparisons with inertial profilers for equipment certifications. With optional 3D texture and land surveying instrumentation, the CS8800 delivers a highly versatile, productive solution.
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Collect Data at Continuous Walking Speed

The CS8800 collects data continuously without stopping the device to record static measurements. Walking speed collections are the norm on regular textured surfaces. The one inch (25.4mm) sampled continuous profiles support outputs far beyond ride indexes, including extensive analysis profile feature and waveband analysis.

Easy to Store & Ship

With a lightweight, compact design and a collapsible handle, the CS8800 ships and stores in a reusable rugged container. Easily transported and ready for use in minutes.

Report IRI & Localized Roughness

The CS8800 has been proven to generate the same results as inertial profilers and the California profilographs. This has been proven by agency certifications and independent research concluding that the CS8800 and inertial profilers generate equivalent profiles, ride quality index results (IRI, PRI, etc.), and areas of localized roughness. The same is true for comparing the CS8800 to the California profilograph--the devices generate equivalent Profile Index and must grind bumps.

Texture Option

Using a wide beam Gocator 5KHz laser from LMI Technologies, the CS8800 is equipped to measure pavement texture. Conventional reporting of Mean Profile Depth (MPD) is supported under such standards as ASTM E-1845 (Standard Practice for Calculating Pavement Macrotexture Mean Profile Depth). 3D laser measurements of the pavement surface are available for viewing and advanced texture analysis. 

Land Surveying Options

The CS8800 can be paired with either RTK corrected GPS or Total Stations instruments. The result is highly accurate one inch sampled surface profile that adds the Z dimension from survey elevations. The data can be converted for use in applications calling for survey formats, such as PNEZD, PLLHD and GPGGA. 

Technical Specifications

  • Device Classification/Rating: ASTM 2133 (and ASTM E950 Class I device equivalent). World Bank Standard—Class 1 profiling device.

  • Test Results and Data Outputs: IRI, MRI, HRI, PRI, RN, CA Bridge, Variable localized roughness templates.  PDF, Excel, ERD/PPF and raw strip trace formats.  Floor Flatness/Floor Levelness.

  • Localized Roughness: Dimensions of bumps/dips measured with maximum amplitude of peaks and troughs calculated.  Variable template for measuring defects with straightedge, profilograph, or relative profile methods

  • Measuring Units: English/Metric (variable, re-writeable).

  • Operating Speed: 0.0– 3.0 mph (0-5 kph) (slower speed required for best results on rougher or coarse surfaces.)

  • Sampling Interval: Default = 1 inch (25.4 mm).  Alternate sampling intervals configurable.

  • Profile Accuracy: ±0.381 mm (±0.015 inch) per 45.7 meters (50 yards).

  • Height Measurement Precision: ±0.0025mm (±0001 inch) per: (I) 305 mm (12 inch) wheelbase, or (2) 250mm (10 inch) wheelbase.

  • Grade Measurement Resolution: 1 in 4.7 or 12 degrees.

  • Longitudinal (Distance) Resolution: +/- .025%.

  • Power Supply: Main system battery: extended capacity 12V Lithium Ion battery. Notebook PC runs on CS8800 main battery or separately on internal battery. Estimated battery life designed to 12-16 hours.

  • Weight: ~40 lb/18 kg (without Toughbook computer, battery, accessories or carrying case).

  • Dimensions: 34.5” (L) x 18.0” (W) x 12.125” (H) [collapsed, 36.5” with handle extended).

  • Environmental: Operating Temperature: 15 -140°F (-10 to 60°C).  Storage: -50-170°F (-30-75⁰C).

  • Data Collection Electronics: SSI proprietary embedded microprocessor based electronics architecture (ISO 9001 fabricated). 

  • Operator Computer: Panasonic Toughbook 20 military specification notebook PC with touchscreen controls.

  • Operating System: MS Windows 7 Professional operating system. SSI built Windows software for calibration, data collection and feature rich data analysis/reporting.

  • Data Storage: Typical notebook hard drive (160-320GB) stores >200000 miles (320000 km) of profile data. Raw data files are transferable through portable storage media or email attachment.

  • Data Format: SSI proprietary encrypted format.  Export routines (supplied) for ERD/PPF (for ProVal), PDF or Excel.

  • Options: GPS integrated with profile data. Survey subsystem (RTK GPS or total stations). Texture laser.

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