SSI - CS8850 Surf-Pro for FF/FL
    Model: CS8850 Surf-Pro for FF/FL
    Country of Origin: Canada
    Use:Quickly plan and collect FF/FL numbers.
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New, Accurate Technology

Redefining the collection method for floor flatness/floor levelness numbers meant changing the look of the collection device. SSI adapted our CS8800 reference profiler to collect FF/FL data at a one inch (25.4 mm) sampling interval. The founding FF/FL collection device samples elevation once every twelve inches (305 mm). Higher resolution translates into rich and accurate data that can be analyzed over different metrics such as adjustable straightedge templates.
Since the CS8800, CS8850 and C8900 share the same family of electronics, the operator can leave the slab surface and collect ADA compliance or road profiles without changing computers or hardware; all with one inch sampling (25.4 mm).

Export & Report More

With dense point data there is not much that escapes the CS8850. Although ASTM x1155 is still met through twelve inch (305 mm) sampling, accurate topographies and point clouds can be created based on the profile of the slab. The elevation can be exported with (X, Y) coordinates based on the slab dimensions. Due to SSI’s background in road profiling, the FF/FL collections can be viewed under a straightedge specification to determine correction areas. Do not limit yourself to only collecting data. Use the information and SSI Software to meet your specification.

Ease of Use

The single piece body uses in internal battery with a real laptop computer such as a Panasonic Toughbook or a Surface Pro III. All components ship in a custom Pelican case. Calibration of the device is completed by the user before each day’s collections in under five minutes. Operators can be onsite and ready to profile in fifteen minutes.

Assistive Software

The SurfPro software allows the operator to enter slab dimensions based on (X, Y) coordinates and the program will automatically create the run paths to conform the ASTM x1155. All of the calibration procedures are listed in the software with step-by-step instructions. The reporting features will output structured text, PDF and Excel files.

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