SSI - CS9500 Full Lane Survey Profiler

    Model: CS9500 
    Country of Origin: Canada
    Use: The CS9500 is the ideal system to build on the reporting abilities of an inertial profiler and bridge the gap into pavement management. 

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The CS9500 Full Lane Survey Profiler combines the point-to-point precision of a high-speed inertial profiling system, data from a tactical grade IMU sensor to eliminate the impact of vehicle dynamics), and corrected GPS positions. The CS9500 is the ideal system to build on the reporting abilities of an inertial profiler and bridge the gap into pavement management. 

The CS9500 Survey-Profile system is both a DOT certified inertial profiler and high resolution mobile surveying system. The CS9500 can simultaneously measure wheelpath IRI (longitudinal profile), transverse profile and 2D/3D surface scans for land surveying and machine control applications. The survey side of the CS9500 system has been end-user validated as more accurate than any commercial scanning system. This device does full 3D scanning and can be simultaneously (or separately) used for IRI testing and full lane transverse profiles (for rutting, lane edge change and more under AASHTO PP69-10 & 70-10). The surface survey data can be processed with control point data to increase the 3D elevation accuracy within 7mm. All collections may be completed without traffic control. 

The CS9500 system can also be used for 2D scanning for pavement rehabilitation work that does not involve paving to grade. SSI’s software includes a Profile Design module for configuring slope and cut/fill parameters for a design output optimized for best IRI results. The data can be exported to machine control systems, including 2D grade control systems such as Paveset/Pavesmart devices.

The CS9500 system has these core features:

DOT Certified (AASHTO R56-57, ASTM E950) inertial profiler integrated within system

SSI CAD program to merge control points into dataset for secondary correction

Intensity displays lane lines and delineation

Scalable: Start with dual track profile, add Cross-Slope, Transverse & 3D Scanning

Supports full lane width 3D scanning and rut measurement

Merges RTK GPS or control points for precise 3D elevations

Generate surface designs for best smoothness & machine control 

Configurable slope, cut/fill parameters, optimized for IRI

DOT Certified inertial profiler for IRI Testing

Simultaneously collects road profile and dense 2D surface scans or 3D topographies down to 1” spacing longitudinally and transversely.

Attaches to industry standard pickup trucks or vans.

Outputs data in CAD and LIDAR formats (e.g.) PNEZD, PLLHD, GPGGA, LAS and configurable TXT

Reusable container for storing costly sensors off-vehicle

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