SSI - CS9100 Mid-Mount Profiler

    Model: CS 9100
    Country of Origin: Canada
    Use: The system measures at the most stable point of vehicle’s suspension – between the wheel-base. Simply stated, the CS9100 produces the most accurate and repeatable surface profile data.

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Modular Components

The major components are removable for use on another truck as a mid-vehicle or front mount system. The electronics can also be transferred for collections with the CS8700 lightweight profiler. In the event of an emergency or routine support case, all modular parts are kept in stock at our facilities around the United States for easy domestic or worldwide shippment. 

Safety & Security

Protect your investment. Bumper mounted systems leave expensive and sensitive instruments unprotected from the environment, misuse or drivers of nearby vehicles. The added security and simple assembly allows operators peace of mind while traveling to and from the project site. When not in use the sensors are removed for storage in a watertight rolling case.

Choose the GPS that’s Right for You

Whether you are a grinding contractor, general contractor or state DOT, SSI offers the GPS resolution to meet your needs. Based on our GPS partnerships we offer GPS systems with in-vehicle accuracies between 0.3 and 10 feet (0.1 - 3 meters). Survey resolution RTK GPS is also available. Talk to an SSI representative about your profiling goals and we can suggest the appropriate GPS option for you.

Additional Options

Choose from and assortment of slope sensors, Inertial Measurement Units (IMU), RTK GPS and cameras to exceed expectations on the jobsite. Don’t just collect data required by the specification. Collect the information you need to achieve optimal project smoothness.
Questions about your options? We will send you examples and comparisons.

Core Attributes

  • Removable sensor modules mid-mounted in wheel tracks. Reuse on other standard or lightweight vehicles

  • Modules adjustable for correct vertical and transverse offsets

  • Collect data up to 70 mph (112 kph)

  • Meets AASHTO E950 (Class I), M328, R054, R056-057

  • One inch (25.4 mm) sampling interval at all collection speeds

  • Features LMI Technologies’ 5 kHz Gocator wide beam lasers for asphalt and concrete pavements

  • ±5g rated Accelerometers with 0.0001g accuracy

  • Proven ability to replicate wavelengths of ~0.25 feet (7.62mm) in excess of 760 feet (231.6 meters)


Compliance & Equipment

  • Complies with all commonly used agency specifications

  • Equipped with industrial grade sensors and connectors

  • Core electronics manufactured in an ISO 9001 facility

  • Rugged touchscreen computer on all systems

  • Custom docking station computer mount with swivel capacity for access by driver or passenger

  • Operates from vehicle’s 12 volt power supply (no auxiliary power needed)


Operation, Training & Support

  • One person operation

  • Speed range: 5-70 mph (8-112 kph)

  • Operating ambient temperature range: 32° to 110° F (0° to 43° C)

  • Moisture: profiling system components impervious to moisture (but quality of data degrades on wet pavement)

  • Worldwide multi-lingual operator training available

  • Automatic software updates with SSI Profiler 3 v2016

  • In field replacement of portable, modular components

  • Warranty and rapid response customer support on all profiling system components and operations


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