SSI - CS8550 Bridge Profilograph
    Model: CS8550
    Country of Origin: Canada
    Use: Specifically designed for surface ride quality testing of bridge structures.
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CS8550 Bridge Profilograph is specifically designed for surface ride quality testing of bridges and elevated structures

Complies California Department of Transportation Test Method 547

Detachable field housing supplied with a choice of a Toughbook 19 or Toughbook 31 computer

Custom 12’ frame transports in pickup truck or optional cargo trailer

Buy or Rent (trained operator available)

Measurement Principal

Designed to measure pavement smoothness as a rolling straightedge, with the added sophistication of electronic data collection and automated analysis and reporting. The latest CS8550 collects data through a Panasonic Toughbook at a 1 inch sampling interval. The measurement wheel at the center of the frame utilizes optical encoders to record the pavement elevations in real time. There is no need for the plastic sliding scales to manually calculate roughness or must grind bumps; the SSI Profiler software reports all profile index results and must-grind bumps, or dips, in real time.

Device Rating

The CS8550 Bridge Profilograph is rated and approved for use with California Department of Transportation Test Method 547 specifications (CTM 547: “Method of Test for Operation of Bridge Profilograph and Evaluation of Profiles”). 

Data Sampling

The CS8550 collects elevations at a 1 inch sampling interval. The GPS subsystem can tag the elevation profile with a GPS coordinate up to ten times per second (10 Hz). 

Additional Options

Cargo Trailer
An enclosed cargo trailer is available with interior hardware installed for secure stowage and transport of the CS8550 system.
Mid-Resolution GPS
With increased GPS accuracy the bridge profilograph can collect data to be used on GPS-based layout devices such as GPS enabled grinders. The SSI Profiler editing features allow GPS based editing of profiles.
USB Camera
Use a USB camera to collect images at a user defined interval. Two camera options available.

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