Pine - GB1 Superpave Gyratory Compactor
Asphalt Sample Preparation and Compaction

    Model:G2 Superpave Gyratory Compactor
    Country of Origin:USA
    Use:Meets AASHTO T312 and ASTM D6925 Standards. Pine Test Equipment, Inc.'s GB1 Brovold Superpave Gyratory Compactor compacts hot mix asphalt specimens at a constant consolidation pressure, a constant angle of gyration, and a fixed speed of gyration. 

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Weighing 304 pounds, the GB1 Brovold is completely self-contained and ideal for onsite testing and mobile labs. Roll it into the bed of a pickup truck or into a van and take it anywhere. The integrated industrial computer controls the compaction of the specimen from start to finish, making the operation of this gyratory very simple.

Standards Compliance:

Available Logbook Sheets for Download:



  • Power Requirements: 

    AFGB1A: 115 VAC(±10%), 15Amp, 60 Hz, 1 ph
    AFGB1C: 230 VAC(±10%), 10 Amp, 50/60 Hz, 1 ph


    760 mm wide x 540 mm deep x 1410 mm high
    (30.0 inch x 21.3 inch x 55.4 inch)


    Approximately 138 kg (304 lb)

    Applied Pressure:

    600 ±5 kPa
    Note:  The applied pressure is fixed.

    Angle of Gyration:

    0.82± 0.02° or 1.16± 0.02° Internal Angle or 1.25± 0.02° External Angle
    Specify at the time of order.
    Note:  The angle of gyration is fixed.

    Speed of Gyration:

    30 ±0.5  gyrations per minute, factory set
    Adjustable range of 20 - 40 gyrations per minute
    Note:  Users can adjust the speed of gyration.



    Number of Gyrations:

    0 - 299 gyrations

    Specimen Height:

    10.0 to 200.0 mm (reported to the nearest 0.1 mm)

    Mold Dimensions:

    150.0mm +0.0/-0.1 mm ID x 280 mm tall (215mm internal height)
    10.0 mm minimum specimen height
    Note:  Molds meet the requirements of AASHTO T312 and ASTM D6925.

    Modes of Operation:

    Compact to number of gyrations or specified height.
    Note:  Users set the desired mode of operation.

    Data Acquisition:

    Gyration number
    Specimen height (mm)

    Data Output Options:

    USB Flash Drive
    RS232 Serial Communication
    Receipt Printer, Serial Printer, or Laser Printer (optional)

    Internal Data Storage:

    Results from 10 tests are retained in memory.

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