IPC - Standard Asphalt Slab Roller Compactor
Roller Compactor
    Model: Standard Asphalt Slab Roller Compactor
    Country of Origin:Australia
    Use:Meets EN 12697-33, 5.2 Method and ASTM D8079. The slab compactors can compact asphalt slabs to a target density applying specific loads corresponding to those of pavements rollers used in the highway construction.
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  • Completely electromechanically operated
  • Conforming to EN 12697-33, 5.2 method and ASTM D8079
  • 8” touchscreen controlled
  • Automatically compacts in displacement controlled mode up to target density/height or up to the (user selectable) load limit
  • Mould dimensions: 500 x 400, 500 x 300, 400 x 300, 300 x 300 and 320 x 260 mm, 195 mm height
  • Compaction direction in the longest (major) mould dimension to obtain specimens of the proper length conforming to Standard
  • Vertical balanced of sliding cover for easy access and complete three side view
  • Maximum compaction load 30 kN
  • User defined controlled linear speed up to 300 mm/sec and adjustable pause at the mould inversion point
  • Ideal for producing test beams for 4-Point bending (EN 12697-24, EN 12697-26, AASHTO T321) and slabs down to 38 mm
  • Adjustable heating control system of the sector heads available as option
  • Vibrating roller option, adjustable from 10 to 50 Hz
  • *PRO-COMPACT closed-loop control slab

The slab compactors can compact asphalt slabs to a target density applying specific loads corresponding to those of pavements rollers used in the highway construction. The slab can be used for: 
  • Wheel tracking test down to 38 mm thickness
  • Cored to provide specimens for indirect tensile, static and dynamic creep tests
  • Cut into beams for benfing fatigue tests
The slab compactors are proposed in two versions:
  • Standard models
  • Advanced models, which also satisfy the compaction procedure of the brand new EN 12697-33 method 7.3 and include other important features. 
Electromechanical slab compactors feature a compacting system by roller segment head radius 535 mm. The roller segment freely moves by simple friction for better compaction uniformity. A brushless motor (standard models), or stepper motor (advanced models) moves vertically the roller segment under displacement control. the vertical load is applied orthogonally to the axis of the travel motion. the mould carriage moves back and forth by linear movement. The longitudinal (major) mould dimension correspond to the compaction direction so it is possible to obtain specimens of the proper lenght conforming to Standards. The lifting machine cover permit an easy access to the mould area. In the "rest" position, the mould is close to the operator for easy positioning while the roller segment is lifted and positioned at the back of the machine.

The Electromechanical slab compactor can be used as part of your Superpave performance based testing program.

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