Infrared Camera R550 Series
Infrared Thermal Imager
    Model: Infrared Camera R550 Series
    Country of Origin: Japan
    Use: InfReC is the coined abbreviation word of "Infrared Camera" and also has the meaning of The Device Recording Infrared Information.
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Selectable 4 models for your application

Model Frame rate Features
R550Pro 30Hz,60Hz,120Hz
  • Full featured model for R&D
  • Suitable for use in R&D for making a measurement of high temperature, and for measuring sequential data.
  • Measuring range: -40 to +2000℃
R550Pro-D 7.5Hz
R550 30Hz
  • Standard model for a wide variety of applications.
  • Suitable for use in Facility diagnosis for inspection of electrical facilities and remotely located pipes.
  • Measuring range: -40 to +650°C.
R550-D 7.5Hz

120Hz high speed sampling enables measurement of instantaneous temperature change (R550Pro).

Windowing mode enable to 120Hz high speed sampling.
You will be able to do sputter analysis and analysis of thermal impact to the neighborhood of the interested spot in laser machining or resistance welding.

  • 120Hz : 640×120 Windowing
  • 60Hz : 640×240 Windowing
  • 30Hz : 640×480 Full

1.2 Megapixels Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

Outstanding 1280 x 960 High Resolution Thermal Image by Avio SR Technology!
  • Super Resolution (SR) Mode:
    • Recording Pixels: 1280 x 960 pixel
    • Spatial Resolution: equivalent to 0.58mrad *1
  • Standard Mode:
    • Recording Pixels: 640 x 480 pixel
    • Spatial Resolution: 0.87mrad

New function "Automatic Movie Recording" by external trigger input *2

Reliable data acquisition
  • Inputting of an external trigger signal to the camera unit enables analysis software to start movie recording automatically.
  • Data recording linked with test equipment and field facility is available without configuring I/O system.

0.025℃ High sensitivity by new image filtering function "Denoising"
  • This product uses the latest noise processing technology developed by the NEC Central Research Laboratories to reduce random noise by spatial filtering and preserve the outline details of the object being measured.
  • The Sensitivity (NETD) of 0.025℃ (at 30℃) makes this product most suitable for discerning slight differences in temperature in non-destructive inspection.

Extensive optional lens lineup for various measuring scene
  • Variety of lens lineup makes play an active role in various measuring scene.

  • 21μm Closeup Lens makes it possible to measure very small object

User-Friendly Operation
  • Rotary LCD monitor is built in for multi-angle shooting.
  • View finder is built in to maintain clear visibility when outdoor.
  • Easy shooting from any angle by FRZ/REC buttons placed in 2 positions.

  • Temperature scale and focus are automatically and simultaneously adjusted by one button on full automatic function.
  • Built in high-speed motor grants swift focus adjustment.

  • Very useful "Wired Remote Control Unit" is a standard accessory.

58μm Minimum Spatial Resolution at 10cm distance with SR mode
Very small objects can be measured and recorded with the combination of the R550's Standard Lens with capability to close up 10cm and Avio's "Multi-Frame Super Resolution Technology". It is possible without an optional lens.
  • Minimum Spatial Resolution: equivalent to 58μm at 10cm distance <in Super Resolution (SR) mode>

Wide Viewing Angle Lens Increase your Working Efficiency
The wide viewing angle lens captures large area images when working at the limited space.

Field of View (F.O.V.)
  • Standard Lens: 32° (H) x 24° (V)
  • 3x Wide Angle Lens (option): 93° (H) x 73° (V)

Multiple Recording Modes
  • Super Resolution (SR) Mode for high resolution recording.
  • Quick Panorama Mode to shoot continuous wide angle images up to a maximum of 100° horizontal.
  • SD Movie Mode allows taking movies with the R550 camera at a maximum 3Hz frame rate. *1
  • Interval recording of both thermal image and visible image simultaneously.
  • Trigger input and alarm output functions are provided for use with external instruments. *1
*1:R550Pro, R550Pro-D only.

Simultaneously Record Real-Time Thermal and Visible Images to a PC via USB2.0
  • Transfer analyzable thermal image movie data to PC at 30Hz.
  • Transfer visible image simultaneously with thermal image to PC at 15Hz.
  • Software "NS9500PRO" which is useful for analyzing data in real time is provided as standard accessory with R550Pro / R550Pro-D

PC On-line Software "NS9500PRO (including NS9500STD)"

PC Analysis Software "NS9500STD"
NS9500STD is a standard accessory of R550 and R550D.

Default Report Template can be easily edited
Freely modifiable reporting formats using WORD or EXCEL allow adding company logo, etc.

Software Name Model Remarks
High-Performance Online Analysis Program
InfReC Analyzer NS9500 Professional
NS9500PRO For On-line Analysis Software (Bundled with R550Pro / R550Pro-D)
(including NS9500STD)
Multi-function Report Generator Program
InfReC Analyzer NS9500 Standard
NS9500STD For Off-line Analysis Software (Bundled with R550 / R550-D) *2

*2: In order to transfer thermal image movie data by R550 / R550-D, you need to upgrade to "InfReC Analyzer NS9500 Professional" (optional software).

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